Monday, February 15, 2010

I haven't wanted to write this post so I've been putting it off. Sadly, our dog of almost 14 years, Zoey, died on January 19th. She had been sick for a while, so we knew it was going to happen, but it was really hard on us.

We were eating dinner and Zoey was outside. I had put her outside earlier in the day because she had peed on the kitchen floor and I mopped it up. The weather was nice, so she stayed out for a little bit. Well, while we were eating we heard a yelp from outside and we looked at each other because it sounded different from any sound we had heard before. Daran went outside and he said he could tell something was wrong. She died shortly after he went outside. He took her to the vet and they cremated her.

We still miss her and talk about her all the time. She was a good dog and very patient with Rachel. Rachel would hang all over her and Zoey very rarely growled or got mad. Zoey kept me company when I was home on bedrest and Daran was gone all day to work.