Sunday, August 29, 2010


So we are back in school! I have been so busy doing stuff to get us both back in school that I haven't even updated this in forever. We had a great summer! I am so sad that it's over. I went back to school on Aug. 11 and Rachel stayed with Nana and Papa for a week and a half.

Rachel started kindergarten on August 24th. She has done such a great job and I am so proud of her! She was a little clingy the first morning, but other than that she has done great! Her friend Bo from daycare goes there and is in her class, so that has helped her transition tremendously. If she sees him in the mornings she is okay. I think she is making other friends now too. She doesn't talk much in the evening about it, I think she is just too tired. Her teachers name is Mrs. Sanders and she seems real sweet. I know I couldn't deal with kindergartners, of course a lot of people say that about high schoolers.