Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has it been that long?

Have I really not posted in 2 weeks? For some reason I thought I had. Maybe it got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Anyway, we have been busy. I went back to school on the 12th and you have been staying with Nana and Papa. On the 13th, Daddy went to Dallas, so it was just me, you and Zoey. On Sunday the 16th I woke up sick. I felt horrible and so Nanny came to get you because Daddy wasn't home yet. Daddy finally got home and so I went to the doctor and it turns out I had strep throat so I got an antibiotic.

Then the 17th through the 21st I was at school getting ready for the new year. Papa came to pick you up every morning which was nice. He also brought you home. Thanks papa!

On Friday we went to your school's open house. You are a Dolphin this year and your teacher is Ms. Jan. You seem to be excited about going back to school.

School starts tomorrow so we have been busy getting ready this weekend.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 2-8

We had a busy week! On Sunday we just hung out. Monday you had a dentist appointment. You did alot better this year and you didn't cry very much at all! Plus no cavities!

Then on Tuesday we took some of your clothes to Kid to Kid and got some ice cream.

Wednesday was my birthday! We went to lunch with Nana at Mimi's and then did a little shopping. You were so cute because you said that you were having lots of fun at Mommy's party and we weren't even doing anything exciting. Then that evening you went to Nana's and Papa's and Daddy and I went out to eat at the Olive Garden. Then we came back and had ice cream cake. Doug was there because he was going to borrow their car to go out of town.

Then Thursday you went back to Nana's and Papa's because I had to do some shopping for clothes for back to school. When I picked you up you cried and cried because you had been taking a nap and I rang the doorbell and woke you up. Thursday night I went out to eat with Lori and you stayed home with Daddy.

Friday Nana came over here for a little bit because I went to lunch with my friend Maricela and then did a little shopping.

Saturday you helped me clean house and then we went to HEB. We saw Papa at HEB.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I've been busy back at work for the last week. You stayed with Nanny on the 2 Fridays I had to work, and then with Nana and Papa on Monday through Thursday. You had lots of fun and I really missed you. It made me sad to think that I have to go back pretty soon for the school year. I love our time together in the summers, even if I do feel like I'm impatient with you alot of the time.

When I picked you up at Nanny's on Friday, you were out in the backyard playing in the rain with Ruby, Texie and their friend Macy. You were having so much fun and looked so happy, I wish I could just freeze that image in my mind.

We have this week and part of next week together, then it's back to school time.