Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has it been that long?

Have I really not posted in 2 weeks? For some reason I thought I had. Maybe it got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

Anyway, we have been busy. I went back to school on the 12th and you have been staying with Nana and Papa. On the 13th, Daddy went to Dallas, so it was just me, you and Zoey. On Sunday the 16th I woke up sick. I felt horrible and so Nanny came to get you because Daddy wasn't home yet. Daddy finally got home and so I went to the doctor and it turns out I had strep throat so I got an antibiotic.

Then the 17th through the 21st I was at school getting ready for the new year. Papa came to pick you up every morning which was nice. He also brought you home. Thanks papa!

On Friday we went to your school's open house. You are a Dolphin this year and your teacher is Ms. Jan. You seem to be excited about going back to school.

School starts tomorrow so we have been busy getting ready this weekend.

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