Monday, July 5, 2010

We're back!

So we did end up going on our cruise, and although there was a tropical storm/hurricane in the gulf, we didn't really feel it. I mean there were some times when the boat was rocking, but I never got sea sick. I was so proud of myself, because that was one of my main concerns, after getting kidnapped in Mexico and killed in a drug shoot out.

We had a wonderful time on the cruise and enjoyed every minute of it. Rachel did have a couple of moments though when she cried for some reason or another. One was when she was jumping on the bed and catapulted herself into the desk, breaking a glass that I then stepped on when I went to pick her up. That was probably our most dramatic moment.

She went to the pool with Daran and finally swam by herself without anyone holding on to her. She had her floaties on. She went to all the shows with us, and was very well behaved during the dinners every night.

On the day in Cozumel we just went to a beach that I had heard about, Paradise Beach. It was really pretty, but Rachel wasn't too fond of the ocean because it was deep. We ate lunch there which was delicious, and then we made our way back to the boat after doing a little shopping. I think I had overestimated Rachel's stamina, and she was really tired that day and kept saying she wanted to go back to the boat.

The next day we were in Progreso. We did a little shopping for an hour or so, and then went back to the boat.

Then we ended up getting an extra day because we came into port on Thursday, but it was closed because of rough seas, so we got to stay on the boat until Friday morning. It was fun! I would do a cruise again.

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