Sunday, November 29, 2009

October and November

I think about updating this every Sunday and then never get around to it between cleaning, shopping and laundry. Right now Rachel is terrorizing Zoey, so I have a little time.

For Halloween Rachel was Minnie Mouse. Nana and Papa came over in the evening and we had pizza, and then Rachel went trick or treating with some kids in the neighborhood. They ran in a big pack and after a while I couldn't even tell where she was, but I knew she was there.

Do you notice how she is the only one dressed cute. Everyone else was a vampire or scary bride or something like that. We got her costume at Target and it was adorable.

I had my first Thanksgiving at my house. Dad came over in the morning and showed me how to do the turkey, and they also made sweet potatoes, stuffing and fruit salad. I did the green bean casserole, corn casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie and ham. Doug, Eleanor, Elizabeth and Benjamin came over and brought a pecan pie. The kids really enjoyed playing together and everything tasted great. I forgot to take any pictures. I guess I was too busy cooking and cleaning.

Unfortuately the next morning Dad called at about 7:45 asking if anyone was throwing up. I told him no and he said that at about 4 in the morning mom had woken him up in pain and they went to the emergency room. She was having a gall bladder attack and needs surgery pretty soon. So, my first Thanksgiving, I send my mom to the hospital.

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