Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Part I

My last day of school was December 18th and I was so ready to be out of there! I was very ready for a break!

On Sunday the 20th we went to Don and Carlene's for Christmas and Rachel really enjoyed herself. She got to ride on the golf cart with Grandpa Don and Daran and they saw some deer. We ate lunch and opened presents and Rachel was very sweet.

Then on Monday the 20th we went to see Santa. Last year she cried and wouldn't sit on his lap and told him not to touch her. It was hilarious. This year she sat right up there and told him what she wanted, a barbie bathtub, a barbie car, and a kids snuggie. Isn't the kids snuggie thing hilarious?

This picture isn't the greatest, but it shows that she was having fun with Santa.

After Santa, we went to buy a big TV. Daran had been talking about it forever and I was like just buy it already. So we got a 55 inch LCD TV and a blu ray player. It is awesome!

On Tuesday I got my hair cut and highlighted, and Rachel stayed with Nana and Elizabeth was there. They always have a great time together and she cried when we left.

On Wednesday, Shonda, Gary and Priceilla came over for dinner and to open presents. We don't get to see them very often, but the girls always have lots of fun together.

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